• Davis Legend 42RU 600X600 Free Standing Network Cabinet (Pre-Built)

Davis Legend 42RU 600X600 Free Standing Network Cabinet (Pre-Built)

  • Brand: Davis Legend
  • Product Code: CBN-NW-42RU600
  • SKU: SCB-PKST-02-42U66-CBK
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Network Cabinet 42U

With the growing number of devices and cables to be managed, Davislegend has developed SFRAME Network Cabinets, which have professional, high-strength structural design, easy equipment installation, and come with a rich selection of accessories. 18U/27U/42U Network Cabinets meet ANSI/EIARS-310-D?DIN41491;PART1?IEC297-2?DIN41494;PART7?GB/T3047.2-92 compliant 19 inch international standard, metric standard, and ETSI standards.


  • Cooling fan improves the ventilation of network equipment

  • Tempered glass front door allows for visibility of equipment

  • Easily replaceable side and rear doors

  • Rotary lock for the cabinet door

  • Equipped with casters and support feet
  • Upper and lower cabinet features multiple routing channels, alignment hole size can be adjusted as needed
  • Rugged, maximum static load of 80kg
  • Upscale look, user-friendly design Threaded design Sleek black coating, meets ROHS environmental protection standards

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The cabinet and accessories have lifetime limited warranty. This warranty includes parts and labor costs on all components found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use, which shall not apply to products artificial damaged, modified or disassembled. Products to be repaired under this warranty must be returned to DAVISLEGEND or a designated service center with prior notification and the repairing quantity.

Rack Parts List

S/NTop coverQtyUnitMaterialSurface finishRemark
1Frame1Pcs1.2mm cold rolled steelPowder coated------
2Front door2Pcs1.2mm cold rolled steelPowder coated------
3Side panel1Pcs1.2mm cold rolled steel------------
4Left rear door2Pcs1.2mm cold rolled steelPowder coatedWith lock
5Lock1Pcs1.2mm cold rolled steelPowder coatedA type door
6Mounting rail1Pcs------------------
7Mounting angle6Pcs2.0mm cold rolled steelPowder coated------
8Under cover4Pcs1.5mm cold rolled steelPowder coated------
9Bottom plate1Pcs1.2mm cold rolled steelPowder coated 
10Fixed shelf2Pcs1.2mm cold rolled steelPowder coated1pcs under 27u/18U
11Castors(front)2Pcs------------With brake lock function
15M6 Screw nut40sets------------18U / 27U to 20 sets
16M5 Screw40sets------------18U / 27U to 20 sets

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