• EpicGear Skorpios Mouse Bungee

EpicGear Skorpios Mouse Bungee

  • Brand: EpicGear
  • Product Code: EG-EGSK1-OB
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Function Plus Aesthetics Like No Others
The EpicGear™ Skorpios™ is designed with both functionality and aesthetic in mind to create the ultimate gaming mouse bungee.
Taking shape from a scorpion, the EpicGear™ Skorpios™ has a scorpion-tail-like arm design with three different sections of geometric providing different damping, together with the specially formulated rubber providing a drag-free pulling in all directions for maximum flexibility in wielding the mouse. 
Enhanced Sturdiness
Thanks to a maximized area of anti-slip silicon material on the base of the Skorpios™, along with the added weight block to bring the gross weight to a massive 151g, making Skorpios™ the most sturdy mouse bungee available today.

The Most Comprehensive Cable Holding Design
The flexible cable-holding rail design on the arm of the Skorpios™ is for maximum compatibility with all types of wired gaming mouse. 


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